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Friday December 19 , 2014
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We're Slashing Our Prices!

Quality Roof Seamers Inc. has decided to slash prices on our 3 and 4 Station Seamers. Now you can have a reliable, all metal Roof Seamer, at an affordable price. Please visit us at METALCON, and ask us about more discounts for seamers purchased at the Convention. Address:

Colorado Convention Center
700 14th street, Denver, CO. 80202

We will be in BOOTH 114, look forward to seeing you there.

Introducing New Roof Seamers

Introducing our new line of Roof Seamers. Developed with Building Research Systems, specifically for their Panelcraft and TS-324 Licensed Panels.


Welcome to Quality Roof Seamers

We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of state of the art Electric Self Propelled Metal Roof  Seamers. Our company has over 15 years of experience and our staff is highly qualified and dedicated to building and servicing our tools.  Our Seamer Tools are used around the world in support of all the leading manufacturers and distributors. We also provide other components to assist you in your metal roofing projects including Hand Crimpers, De Seamers and Roof Panel Cutters. Our Seamers are calibrated and tested for each and every job based on the manufacturers' panel specifications.


4 Station Seamer

Our 4 Station machine can be used for bi-directional single lock panels or set up for double lock on architectural or trapezoidal panels.  This machine will handle up to 22 gauge material and seams approximately 30 feet per minute. Lightweight design weighing 50 lbs for portability, using polished Aircraft Aluminum construction.


3 Station Seamer

Our 3 station machine can be set up for bi-directional single lock panels or set up for double lock on trapezoidal panels. This machine will handle up to 24 gauge material and seams at approximately 40 feet per minute. It has a small lightweight design weighing only 35 lbs, for portability, using polished Aircraft Aluminum construction.


ESE K9 Seamer

Our 1 inch to 1 ½ inch Architectural Panels are seamed by ESE Machines K9 Electric Seamer. It is capable of seaming 24 gauge material to a single lock or double lock.  The K9 is also capable of seaming 22 gauge material to a single lock. The K9 seams 30 feet per minute and weighs only 40 lbs.


Hand Crimpers

We have The Seal Lox, Riblocker, Double Phase Crimper, Dedicated Phase 2 Crimper, and more. Our selection includes crimpers for 90 degree single lock and 180 degree double lock.